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NanoSight x200

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Real Shots Taken
With The NanoSight x200

Checkout some amazing microscopic captures shared by our customers including students,
engineers, testers, researchers & scientists.








Insect Eye


Insect Eye

More Than 2000+
Real Shots


Insect Eye

Shots Shots

Insect Leg

Capture Everything In 200x
With The Mini Phone Microscope

With its sleek and compact design, the NanoSight x200 effortlessly clips onto your smartphone's camera,
instantly transforming it into a high-resolution microscope that brings the world of microscopic
exploration & long-range photography right to your fingertips.

NanoSight x200

Mini Phone Microscope

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    High Resolution

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    APP Free

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    6 LED Lights

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    Instant Sharing

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    With CPL Lens

200x HD Product

Equipped with cutting-edge CPL lens, built-in LED light &
2 brightness modes, the NanoSight x200 ensures precise focus and adjustable illumination for optimal viewing under various conditions.

Additionally, it seamlessly integrates with your smartphone, allowing you to share your discoveries instantly with friends, colleagues or the world on social media.

The Powerful Features of
NanoSight x200 Microscope


CPL Lens With 200x
Magnification Power

The polarizing lens eliminates stray light to help you capture the most stunning enlarged high-resolution pictures & videos by simply attaching this device to your phone's native camera.



Fingertip Sized
Lightweight & Portable

Just 35 mm in length & 17.5g in weight, this truly portable microscope fits into your pocket so you can carry it to capture anything in the highest resolution no matter how near or far.



Li-Ion Battery
Direct USB Charging

The long lasting USB-C rechargeable 120 mAH battery gives 3 - 4 hours of 200x magnification working on a single full charge of just 1 hour. Charge it via adapter, powerbank or laptop.

Product Product


Compatible With All
Smartphone Models

Its adjustable clip mechanism and flexible arms allow it to securely fit various phone sizes, from compact models to larger devices.


200x Your Camera's Zoom
In 4 Simple Steps

Whether you own an Android or iOS smartphone, this portable microscope effortlessly adapts
to your phone's
camera, ensuring a seamless and
hassle-free experience.



To Phone



Aim The Lens At
The Main Camera Of
The Phone



Long Pree The Button
For 3 Sec. To Turn On
The Fill Light



Keep The Lens Very
Close To The Object You
Want To Capture

Its versatility makes it a must-have tool for any curious individual, educator, or researcher
seeking to explore the microscopic world with ease.

What Makes NanoSight
Phone Microscope Unique

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    200X Microscope

    Unleash the hidden wonders of the microscopic world with powerful 200x magnification capabilities.

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    CPL Lens

    Capture clearer and more vivid images with the Circular Polarizer (CPL) lens, reducing glare and enhancing contrast.

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    2 Brightness Modes

    Adapt to any lighting condition with two adjustable brightness modes for optimal visibility during your explorations.

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    No Need APP

    Experience seamless functionality with no additional apps required, simply clip on and start discovering.

NanoSight x200 Applications

Unleash your curiosity and dive into the unseen with the NanoSight x200, the portable smartphone
digital microscope that empowers your passion for discovery & photography.


Study of Plants & Insects


Factory Quality Inspection


Painting Identification


Electronic Testing


Cosmetic Analysis


Antique Appraisal


Jewellery Observation


Microbiology Study

Customer Reviews

Reviews Image
5 Star

Sarah Johnson
Biology Student

The NanoSight x200 has been a game-changer for my studies. With 200x magnification, I can examine microorganisms in incredible detail. The CPL lens and LED light make the images crystal clear. It's like carrying a powerful microscope in my pocket!

Reviews Image
5 Star

Michael Lee
Nature Enthusiast

As a nature lover, this is my new favorite gadget. I can capture stunning close-ups of flowers, insects, and minerals with ease. The elimination of glare with the CPL lens ensures vibrant, lifelike colors in every shot.

Reviews Image
5 Star

Dr. Emily Parker

The NanoSight is an excellent tool for my botanical research. It's so convenient to clip onto my phone and observe plant structures up close. The absence of an app simplifies the process, and the quality of images is impressive.

Reviews Image
5 Star

Jason Anderson
Coin Collector

I'm amazed by the level of detail the NanoSight x200 reveals in my coin collection. The 200x magnification lets me inspect even the tiniest imperfections. It's a must-have for any serious collector.

Reviews Image
5 Star

Laura Martinez

As an entomologist, the NanoSight x200 is indispensable during fieldwork. It's lightweight, and the LED light helps me capture insect behavior without disturbing them. A perfect tool for my research!

Reviews Image
5 Star

Alex Turner
Parent and Educator

I bought this device for my child's science project, and it exceeded expectations. Not only did it enhance their learning experience, but it also became a fun and educational activity for the whole family.

Reviews Image
5 Star

Kevin Mitchell
Jewelry Designer

The NanoSight x200 has revolutionized my design process. I can closely examine intricate details of gemstones and jewelry pieces, which has significantly improved the quality of my work. Love it

Reviews Image
5 Star

Sophie Williams
Amateur Microbiologist

I've always been fascinated by microbiology, and the NanoSight x200 allows me to explore this world in an exciting way. It's a powerful and accessible tool for any curious mind.

Frequently Asked Questions

How does the NanoSight x200 achieve 200x magnification without using an app?

The NanoSight x200 mini phone microscope utilizes a universal clip design that easily attaches to your phone's camera. By zooming in on your phone's camera and aligning it with the microscope's lens, you can achieve up to 200 times magnification without the need for any additional apps or software.

What are the benefits of the CPL lens and LED light on the NanoSight x200?

The NanoSight x200 features a Circular Polarizing (CPL) lens that helps eliminate unwanted glare and ghosting, especially noticeable in long exposures or high-power zoom images. This results in clearer, more saturated colors with improved contrast, enhancing the quality of your microscope images. The built-in LED light also provides adequate illumination for capturing detailed pictures in various lighting conditions.

How long does the NanoSight x200's battery last, and how do I recharge it?

The NanoSight x200 comes with a USB rechargeable battery design, providing over 2 hours of effective usage time when fully charged. To recharge the device, simply connect it to a USB power source using the included cable, and it will be ready for extended usage in no time.

Can the NanoSight x200 be used with any smartphone?

Yes, the NanoSight x200 comes with a universal phone clip design, making it compatible with most smartphones on the market. As long as your phone has a camera and can zoom in, you can easily clip the microscope onto it to explore the micro world without any compatibility issues.

What makes the NanoSight x200 a great gift choice?

The NanoSight x200 is an excellent gift for both adults and children. It fosters curiosity and a deeper understanding of nature, making it an ideal educational tool for children and students interested in plants, minerals, and insects. Moreover, it can be enjoyed by gardening enthusiasts, watch/jewelry/coin collectors, and anyone looking for an exciting and interactive way to explore the world around them. Its portable mini size and user-friendly design also make it a convenient accessory to carry and share with friends on vacations and outings.

Where does the product ship from?

The NanoSight x200 are stored and shipped from our warehouse located in Ohio, USA. This ensures that you receive your order promptly and reliably.

How can I track my order?

Once your order has been shipped, you will receive an email confirmation that includes a shipment tracking number and a website link. You can use this information to monitor the status of your shipment and track its progress until it arrives safely at your doorstep.

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